what i do

Hello, I’m Heather. I am a visual designer and user experience architect located in Washington, DC.

I believe in ethical, deliberate, and passionate design. I am continually inspired by the multicultural world around me and aim to create digital experiences that are empathetic, memorable, and exciting.

who i am

Originally from a small town in coastal Maine, I was raised to be an artist before anything else. Despite my interest in tech (I played Sims religiously), I disliked math and swore I would never pursue a career in STEM.

Ironically, I went on to major in Computer Science, a field that later attracted me because of the lack of limitations. Eventually I fell into HCI design– a serendipitous moment.

A field that encompassed art, design, human connection, technology, and innovation, I knew I  didn’t want my career to be defined solely by my job title. Now these many moving pieces give structure to my job, and a purpose to my life.

I believe that great design, design that is daring and challenges normal convention, has the capacity to change lives. This is what I hope to achieve in the work I do and the way in which I live my life.


American University

Washington, DC / May 2019

Bachelor of Computer Science

Dual Concentration in Consulting and UI/UX Design


Creating Art 80%
Eating Korean BBQ 85%
Traveling 93%
Photography 100%